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“You should write a book”

Yes, you!

I’m sure someone has suggested to you write a book multiple times. Like most authors, you politely smile and reply “it's coming”. The truth is, 80% of people want to write a book and only 2% actually publish. 

Are you going to be in the 2% or the other 78% who stop at politely smiling and reply “it's coming”?

My promise to you is that with your genius and my dedication the next time someone says “you should write a book” you can reply, “ I did, and here is the link for your to grab your copy”

Authors, it is time to do what authors do, write and publish page-turning books! If you’re ready to get published, book a 45-minute discovery call to learn how you can start your publishing journey today!

Let’s get published!
Janee' Brown


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