Writing Space Vibes

Creating a writing space is essential to the writing process. The perfect writing space sparks inspiration and creativity for brainstorming (pre-writing), writing, and editing. Curating a writing space in your writing routine will help you write efficiently and seamlessly. 


The key to any writing space is to set the mood by appealing to your 5 senses— set the vibe.



Sight: Find the perfect lighting to set the mood. Early birds adjust your lighting to bright and natural lights to keep you feeling energized and happy. Night owls use warm yellow-toned lighting instead of stark, white overhead lights.

Smell: Aromatherapy is the answer to all of the world’s problems and is essential to your writing space. Burn soft candles or infuse your space with essential oils to keep you relaxed and focused.

Taste:  Food is stimulating. Warm teas and coffee will help you flow as you write. You can even try snacks. Some foods trigger your taste buds and connect them to a memory in your brain. Remarkably, creating a muse. Certain foods are rhythmic and help you focus and relax. 

Touch: When writing, get comfy. The less restricted you feel the more free-flowing your thoughts will be. Also, sit in a comfortable chair or at a writing table. Your body needs to be cued for writing and work, not snoozing.

Sound: Some writers can only work in silence while others appreciate background chatter at a coffee shop. You can create a playlist or simply write in silence. If you get distracted by song lyrics, try instrumental tunes. Another fun option is searching YouTube for landscapes or coffee shop ambiance. You will feel like you’re writing on the beach or at your fav coffee shop in no time. 



Pro Tip: Limit Distractions

Your writing space should be dedicated to deep creativity and focus. Limit distractions to train your brain that while in your writing space, you should be working. Put all your devices on Do Not Disturb and turn your notifications off.

A clean space will reduce distractions: spend 5-10 minutes cleaning your space before you start writing. This will help create a calm atmosphere for you to create your next big idea.

There is no magic formula to creating a writing space— it’s a matter of trial and error. Play around and experiment to determine what works best for you. Be patient with your process. In the end, you’ll have a writing space and routine to create some of your best, most creative work.



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Writing Space Vibes