Writing Mechanics: Finding Your Narrative Voice

When sitting down to read a body of work, the first thing that most of us do is leave our world: who we are, where we are at the moment, and the things surrounding us. 


Only great bodies of work have the capacity to translate us into another world without us ever leaving our seats. 


As a writer, this is the impact that we seek to make.  This impact doesn’t come without sacrifices, and for most of us, that sacrifice extends out of our own personal lives, dreams, past traumas, imaginations, and visions of our future.  How do you take so many intangible things and plant them onto paper?  



Choose Your Point of View

As an author, one of the first and most important decisions that you make is determining who is going to tell your story or share your idea.  Do you want to speak on your own behalf or have someone else bring life to your words?  For example, biographies told in the first person convey truthfulness and transparency while fiction told as a character in the third person transforms reality into fantasy.  Choosing the point of view for your story gives your reader a doorway into the world you’re creating.

Choose Your Writing Style


The style you write with is as important as the content you deliver. 


Here are 5 Writing Styles to choose from when planning your book:

1. Narrative Writing: writing to simply tell a story in a significant way. Examples include poetry, short stories, fiction works, and biographies written to narrate events and emotions.

2. Persuasive Writing: writing from a point of view with the hope of persuading others.  Examples include articles or books about passionate topics such as vegan eating, climate change, religious beliefs, etc.

3. Descriptive Writing: writing to describe characters, events, or details such as a biography or a historical review.

4. Argumentative/Expository: writing in a subject-oriented style without interjecting your opinion or bias.

Consider an Editing Solution or Writing Coach

Don’t know where to start?  OB Publishing has everything you need to help you find your voice with our Writing Coaching Sessions.  We’ve also got you covered if you just can’t imagine editing your work to perfection and remembering which pronouns go where.  Contact us today and let us help you make your dream of writing a reality. 


The world needs to hear what you have to say and we’re here to help you every step of the way. 



Writing Mechanics: Finding Your Narrative Voice

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