As a writer, reader, and now publisher, I often think through what makes the words on paper come to life. Could it be the word choice, the flow, or maybe the vividness of the character’s personality? Everyone will have a different opinion. I vote for voice!

Consider the greats like Toni Morrison or James Baldwin. Without reading the author’s name on the book cover, you can read an excerpt and instantly know that Baldwin wrote it. How did he do it? How did he develop such a distinct voice? Some believe one evolves as a writer as one establishes themselves as a reader. Others will argue practice makes perfect; the more you write, the better you’ll write. None of these are false, but the real key to establishing your voice is authenticity. 



Dear Writers, remain true to your convictions: your why, your roots, your purpose. Your unique voice is developed directly through your self-discovery. Reflection is taking an experience and translating it to words that connect with you, which is a powerful practice! Your rejections, reflections, and reactions to what you have been exposed to are the sound of your voice. I developed my voice through conversation. Sacred conversations dialoguing my true reaction to the world around me taught me my values, my stance, and my why. All of which is heard boldly throughout all of my writings.

Fellow Writers, own your story and your voice. Do not write for the popular audience, champion the popular opinion, or mimic the popular writer. It is tempting to “fit in” and reproduce what has been accepted by the masses. However, it is a disservice to you and your reader. The difference between your work and others is you.


Do not compare and do not conform. Root yourself in your authenticity.


Future writers, commit to your unique vocabulary and sound. Mute what you have been told and marry your ideas. Life lessons are beneficial if you can learn and apply them through your unique being. Grow with your creativity. Then, take all of you and empty it on paper. Do not write a little, then edit a little, checking if the “T” is crossed and ensuring you didn’t ruffle feathers. Ruffle the feathers!


You do not have to be a rebel to develop your voice, but you do have to have something to say.


Authenticity + Self Acceptance + Self Awareness = Voice

What do you have to say?


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