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Your Next Step Starts with Your 1st Book

Open Book Publishing turns leaders into authors with full-service book publishing in 180 days or less AND keeps 0% of the author’s book sales!

Book Publishing | Open Book Publishing

 The Self-Help
Author's Action Plan
The Step-by-Step Guide to Publish Like the Pros:


Hey Authors!

Hi, I’m Janee’ Brown,


I am the Senior Publisher of Open Book Publishing; an independent woman-owned and operated full-service publishing company. I am the author of Pieces Of A Woman and Publish Like the Pros, and the host of the Dear Authors podcast available everywhere you stream podcasts.

I believe every boss needs a book!

I work with a team of badass publishing professionals and together we help aspiring authors and leaders establish and expand their brands and businesses with just one book

Janee' Brown| Senior Publisher Open Book Publishing

Where are you in the story?


I have an idea of the focus of my book. I have written a chapter or two, well kind of.  Somedays I don't have the time to commit to writing and other days I have a bad case of writer's block. Right now, I really need someone to help me write the book. 


I have completed writing my book.I do not have the time to publish my book and frankly, do not know the first thing about publishing. I need  proven publishing professionals who could publish for me AND I can keep all of my book sales. I am looking for a one stop shop to publishing my book.

Self Publishing

My manuscript is ready for next steps. I want to manage the publishing process, naturally I am a DIY-er. However, its important to me that my book is published following proper publishing standards. I need someone who could guide me through the publishing process and I could handle the rest.

Meet Our Authors

Mia Hawley

“Working with Janee' and her team was very much rewarding, there were steps in the process I had no idea how to tackle and they made sure I knew and understood everything without becoming frustrated. Having a team of experienced professionals made this a seamless project.”

Neidy Hornsby, Esq.

“The beauty of working with the OBP team is they meet the aspiring or experienced author right where she or he is. Janee' has created an environment where we can show up with your incomplete ideas and she will help you bring them to fruition. Janee' has perfected encouraging you to believe in the book that is inside you and the practical tools to make it happen.”

Jeohanna Martinez

“My experience with OB Publishing has been exceptional. The experience has really allowed me to blossom and grow in ways that I didn't think were possible in the areas of writing and publishing.”

You could publish your book in 365 days...

We could publish your book in

180 days or less!


Based in Charlotte, NC

Available Worldwide




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